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GOODHUE COUNTY: Ordinance Revisions Public Notice

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 11:24pm

Goodhue County -
The County has made revisions to the following Goodhue County Zoning Ordinance Articles:
ARTICLE 4 CONDITIONAL USES AND INTERIM USES - Amended application requirements and clarified language regarding CUP and IUP discontinuance.
ARTICLE 10 RULES AND DEFINITIONS - Amendments to definitions regarding Shoreland Buffers and Vegetative, Tree, & Woodland Alterations.
ARTICLE 11 PERFORMANCE STANDARDS - Section 7; Vegetative, Tree, & Woodland Alterations.
ARTICLES 21-24 DISTRICT REGULATIONS - Revised district regulations to reflect modifications to Article 11 PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.
ARTICLE 26 MXH MIXED USE HAMLET ZONE DISTRICT - Language amended to increase flexibility regarding structure setbacks and lot coverage limits. Removed excessive or redundant language.
ARTICLE 31 SHORELAND REGULATIONS - Language amended to comply with recently enacted Shoreland Buffer law requirements.
Please contact the Land Use Management Department at the Goodhue County Government Center located in Red Wing, Minnesota for a complete copy of the Zoning Ordinance visit us on the web at