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Column: Cecil honored for promoting real books

 One of my favorite collaborative projects each year involves Red Wing High School teacher Scott Kosek's writing class. On Oct. 25, the Republican Eagle printed nine letters to the editor from his fall semester students.

The REaders' Board, which meets every other month, selected Daisha Cecil's letter to receive the Golden Quill. The members enjoyed her take on the value of reading the old-fashioned/traditional way.

Her letter is reprinted here.

It's been awhile since the board awarded a Golden Quill, so here's a quick refresher for what the board members look for in a letter.

1. Is the letter/commentary "local" in some fashion?

• The writer is an R-E reader or local resident.

• The topic is local.

• The subject has bearing on or connection to the community.

2. Is the piece timely?

• The writer addresses something in the news or pertinent to society.

• The writer tackles something that should be in the news.

3. What is the significance?

• The letter addresses a wide audience, or

• The letter gives voice to a minority opinion or circumstance.

4. Does the letter/commentary have special appeal?

• The topic is important.

• The writer is persuasive.

• Perhaps the writing is humorous or quirky.

• The approach might be emotional or rational.

• The subject is well-researched.

• The writer offers a new or alternative view that makes people rethink their views.

• The individual challenges or defends the status quo.

5. Is the letter well-written?

We award Golden Quills to thank people for taking time to write and to elevate letters of interest.

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Learning to write seems to be a neglected skill in many young people's academic lives. Thanks to Kosek, that's not true for some Wingers. We appreciate the risk they take in putting their letters forth for the community to read.

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson is news director with RiverTown Multimedia. 

(651) 301-7870