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Letter: Update to CVT's Welch station would be appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to suggest that very serious consideration be given in regards support to the Cannon Valley Trail. Safety and maintenance equipment is very important to the men and women that tend to the trail. An update in facilities at the Welch Trailhead would be most welcome.

I am a regular rider on the Cannon Valley Trail. During 2006-2016 inclusively, by my logs, I have ridden on this trail approximately 251 times. The Twin Cities Bicycle Club, of which I am a member, has a regularly scheduled ride every Thursday May through September.

I often hear remarks from my fellow bicycle club members about how well kept the trail is and when repairs are needed are promptly taken care of.

I am also a Friend of the Trail. Every year I make a donation in addition to my trail pass fee. I very much support the CVT, the efforts of the CVT staff, and the continued improvement of the trail and all that's associated with it.

James W. Pollnow