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Letter: Beautiful Cannon Valley Trail is a local staple

To the editor:

Governments of Goodhue County, Red Wing and Cannon Falls, I am requesting your approval of increased support for Cannon Valley Trail.

We at Hancock Concrete have enjoyed riding the trail as well as recommending the ride to all of our coworkers and friends visiting the Cannon Falls area. It is a staple to the communities who share the trail and I've visited with many visitors from the metro, outstate Minnesota as well as other states who have used the trail and thoroughly enjoyed it and the lovely countryside it entails.

Walking or riding the trail is very relaxing and enjoyable as we enjoy the fresh air and wildlife surroundings. I cannot think of many other ways to enjoy the true Goodhue County atmosphere as well as the cities of Cannon Falls and Red Wing.

Please approve these funds so we can continue to enjoy this delightful trail amongst our lovely land.

Thank you for your support in keeping the Cannon Valley Trail a safe and enjoyable biking/hiking trail.

Gary R. Schmidgall

Cannon Falls