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Letter: Thank Rep. Haley for supporting middle-class tax relief

Middle-class Minnesotans will finally receive some needed tax relief, and this would not have happened without the strong support provided by state Rep. Barb Haley.

Thanks to Haley's vote, hardworking Minnesotans will see the largest tax relief proposal approved over the past two decades. This $650 million plan includes Social Security tax relief for senior citizens, a first-in-the-nation tax credit for college student loan payments, property tax relief for every small business owner, an ag land credit for farmers facing school bond referendums, and improved dependent care tax credits for working families.

As chairman of the Minnesota House Taxes Committee, I can tell you this historic tax relief measure would not have occurred without the input and the backing of Haley.

This session's $1 billion surplus gave lawmakers the opportunity to finally address the fact that Minnesotans are overtaxed. Instead of simply wasting your money, Haley stood up and fought hard to ensure that residents in your area would benefit from tax relief. I thank Haley for her continued support of this proposal throughout session, and you can be thankful she is prioritizing common sense tax relief at the State Capitol.

State Rep. Greg Davids, Preston

Chairman, Minnesota House Taxes Committee