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Tax season opens Jan. 23

Both the Minnesota Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service will open income tax filing Monday, Jan. 23. The deadline to file taxes with both entities is Monday, April 18, three days later than the traditional deadline.

State Revenue Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly said filing electronically and choosing direct deposit helps improve the accuracy and security of taxpayers' returns.

"Protecting Minnesotans' refunds and ensuring the right refund amount goes to the right person is our top priority," said Bauerly. "Minnesotans can help by filing electronically and using direct deposit, which is the most secure and effective way to receive your refund."

More information about electronic filing and free filing options for those who qualify is available on the MDR website at

An increase in identity theft tax fraud means tax returns will likely arrive later than in previous years, the department said in a news release. MDR encourages Minnesotans to hold off on spending return money until they see it in their bank accounts. More information about tax-related identity theft is available at