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LETTER: Craig believes a promise is a promise


To the Editor: 

Many of us haven’t lived the American dream for some time. Congress has done nothing to keep it alive. Congress is in disrepair.  Both houses of Congress are controlled by a party that cares only for the wealthy. It is time for change. Enough is enough.

Angie Craig is a person who will bring back the opportunities our communities used to provide us with. Things like improving our public schools and making postsecondary education affordable, therefore accessible, is a top priority with Angie.

Unlike her opposition, Angie has the experience of actually creating jobs with a focus of helping returning veterans re-enter the workplace.

Angie’s accomplishments in business are well respected. She led a workforce of thousands.

Her understanding of problems facing family farms is notable. She will work hard to see they survive and prosper.      

Angie believes a promise is a promise. She will protect the promises made to seniors and future collectors regarding Social Security and Medicare. Her opposition offers only “promise” breaking schemes.

I have talked with Angie. She is humbled by her own personal achievements. Angie doesn’t wear her successes on her sleeve. She wants the rest of us to also succeed like she has.

Angie sees the American dream slipping away. Her goal is to level the playing field. Only then can the American dream be achieved once again.

I must say I have never met a candidate who respects community more than she does.

I am voting for Angie Craig to be our representative in Congress. She will serve all of the 2nd Congressional District, just not its favored few.

Vote Nov. 8or earlier if you choose.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing