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Editorial: Transparency wins the hole

      Soaring high: Red Wing City Council hit a 4-3 slice Monday when it approved issuing the request for proposals to reopen and operate Mississippi National Golf Links.

      Three council members voted no because they wanted those proposals to become public before the council accepts one. They failed ... but then prevailed: The council reconsidered, hitting out of the rough with a 7-0 vote to go public.

      That’s as it should be for a public golf course.

      Soaring high: Congratulations to Zumbrota Health Services, which is proceeding with a major renovation and expansion at Zumbrota Care Center. The changes, which people can read about in today’s edition, promise to improve life for the center’s residents today and tomorrow.

      This is the second time nursing home facilities in Goodhue County have received permission to grow — something that’s nearly impossible unless administrators can demonstrate that an addition or new building will bring innovation, cost reductions, improved care and a better quality of life.

      The new St. Crispin Living Community in Red Wing and the expanded Zumbrota Care Center will open in fall 2014.

      Goodhue County residents are blessed to have good care at many facilities. We’re also fortunate to have leaders in the nursing home field.