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Editorial: Faith weaves through Red Wing

Soaring high: Numerous Red Wing congregations have celebrated 150th anniversaries in the past few years. This weekend is St. John's Lutheran Church's turn. That parish helped found the local hospital that grew into Fairview Red Wing Health Services.

Faith was central to many pioneers. Faith is what brought many of them here and compelled them to build schools, missions and more.

Faith was central in the community's planning. Look no further than the beautiful East Avenue/West Avenue corridor, with its churches of various denominations.

Faith is central for many residents today, too.

We join St. John's members and those who have celebrated or soon will celebrate important anniversaries in looking forward to another 150 years. Congregations continue to make a difference in the community.

Soaring high: Well done, young men. Eight local teens were among those who answered the call to give blood this week, as noted on today's front page.

This summer marks the first time 16-year-olds can donate. Adults should follow these boys' lead.