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Dredged material planning continues for Lower Pool 4 near Wabasha

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, is continuing work on a draft dredged material management plan for the Mississippi River's Lower Pool 4, near Wabasha. The corps did not meet its self-imposed deadline of Dec. 15 to release an updated draft plan.

Staff are reviewing alternatives received following a public comment period this summer, the agency said. They are working with their partners and the city of Wabasha to explore viable options to minimize impacts to local communities, while still ensuring the 9-foot navigation channel remains open. Further, Corps staff are exploring new options to address its dredged material placement needs.

"Although we're not ready to release our plan on Dec. 15 as anticipated, I believe the new plan currently being developed answers a lot of the communities' concerns," said Col. Sam Calkins, St. Paul District commander.