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Hove: Experience matters

Dean Hove

Editor's note: This Q&A is part of a series on City Council wards 1-2 candidates. Read about the other candidates here.  

Dean Hove

Age: 58

Address: 4149 Hwy 61


Education: Red Wing schools

Family: Married to Teresa for 37 years with three grown children and two grandchildren.

Occupation: First Student

Community involvement: Red Wing City Council member, National Guard and American Legion.


Respectful conversations and conflict resolution have become major themes of the City Council in 2018. What will be your approach to resolving a disagreement?

I have always found city of Red Wing staff to be positive, polite and professional. There have been numerous situations where I have worked with members of our community to resolve differences.

There should be a willingness to truly listen and try to see things from the other person's perspective while making every effort to keep strong emotions out of the dialogue. It is important to focus on strengthening the relationship rather than getting your way.

Conflict can be an opportunity to exchange ideas and forge new partnerships, as well as friendships, based on mutual respect.

We should view the recent discord as an opportunity to learn. I have recommended conflict resolution training. It should help to work out minor issues that occur routinely, as well as prevent small differences from becoming major disagreements in the future.

What is the City Council's role in public safety and how will you fulfill that responsibility?

Protecting citizens is definitely our City Council's responsibility and my top priority. Today, our public safety team is stronger than ever. There are three more police officers. We also added three new professional firefighters, who are all emergency medical technicians. We received grant money to help pay for the added protection and interest money from investments assisted with updating equipment, which lowered costs for taxpayers.

Our new public safety building will save lives. It went from a dream to reality due to the sheer tenacity of our citizens, who partnered with local government. It will guarantee that all residents have equal access to emergency services.

Nothing is more important than feeling safe in our homes and on the streets of Red Wing. I will continue to shield public safety from the budget axe and look for creative ways to add even more protection in the future.

Three city commissions have recommended to Council that painting on Barn Bluff should be prohibited, yet the community remains divided on this issue. Describe how you are a) becoming informed on this issue, and b) planning to manage the outcome of the Council's decision this fall.

My goal is to always reflect the wishes of our citizens, but there is no clear consensus on Barn Bluff among the many people I have spoken with. Our city charter allows for Initiative and Referendum, which is a way for citizens to create their own ordinance. This issue could potentially become a ballot question. If that happens, we can take pride in employing grassroots democracy to tackle a tough question.

Initiative and Referendum must come directly from citizens. If it does not happen, our City Council will hold public meetings to give everyone their say, and then make a thoughtful decision. Each tough issue we have tackled has had winners and losers.

Whatever the result, I know our citizens will come together and focus on our shared vision of leaving our children and grandchildren the same safe, beautiful and peaceful community we grew up in.

How are you uniquely qualified to represent your ward?

In January there will be at least three new council members who will join three others who have served only two years. I bring 16 years of experience gained by listening, learning, solving problems and working with citizens to create public policy that reflects our common values of fairness, respect and responsibility.

Our partnership has produced amazing results: saving our riverfront, the universal playground, restarting Mississippi National Golf Links — made possible because residents raised $400,000. Our new band shell, ice rinks and Memorial Park restoration all exist because local families cared and sought to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.

Today, Red Wing is less taxed and our economy is strong. Wise spending has made us one of Minnesota's most financially stable cities.

Over the years serving you, I hope I have earned your trust, your friendship and your vote. I would be honored to continue our partnership.