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County Board brief: Late postmarked taxes get no break

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Some residents in Goodhue County were surprised to learn their property taxes were submitted late, Commissioner Barney Nesseth told colleagues at the Goodhue County Board meeting Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Nesseth said that some of his constituents put their property taxes in the mail on the due date, but those letters weren't postmarked until the next day, resulting in a fine. He asked the board to consider a one-time waiver of those fees, but bellow commissioners did not approve his motion.

Nesseth said that the people he spoke with didn't know their mail was shipped to St. Paul for routing, which caused the delays. Others on the board argued that this has been the case for many years and — though it typically takes a few taxpayers by surprise — they're asking those individuals to be responsible for their late fees.

Board members said taxpayers have to visit the post office counter and request a postmark for that date, otherwise they run the risk of having a letter postmarked for the following business day.

Minnesota property taxes are due to be postmarked on or before May 15 and Oct. 15 each year, but if those dates fall on a weekend or holiday the date is moved to the next business date as a courtesy.

Township meeting

Board members reported outstanding public attendance at the recent Goodhue County Township Officers annual meeting in Zumbrota on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Commissioner Paul Drotos said attendees were very interested Public Works Director Greg Isakson's report on how the county is reusing asphalt scraped from highways as material for gravel roads.

Drotos also said that the meeting addressed ongoing concerns about aquatic invasive species — specifically Asian carp and vegetation. He lauded Minnesota's Watercraft Inspection Program, which is working to help boat owners learn about those issues and help to decontaminate boats before launch.

Transportation plan

Isakson reported to the board that Minnesota is stiffening requirements on how state money can be used to replace roads and bridges. With this in mind, board members on Tuesday approved the county's five-year transportation plan to replace bridges as money comes available. Previously, commissioners discussed this as the Committee of the Whole.

Priorities for 2018 include:

• 25J08 — West Florence Trail, Florence, estimated $120,000

• R004 — 170th Avenue Way, Roscoe, estimated $310,000

• L0623, 90th Avenue, Leon, estimated $150,000

• 2099, Wheat Trail, Belle Creek, estimated $185,000

Priorities for 2019 include:

• L0521 — County Road 44, estimated $395,000

• 5276 — 325th Street, Featherstone, estimated $165,000

• L0665 — 240th Avenue, Belvidere, estimated $225,000

• L0574 — Hill Avenue, Florence, estimated $295,000

Priorities for 2020 include:

• L5391 — Third Avenue, Cannon Falls, estimated $1,500,000

• L0698 — 63rd Avenue, Wanamingo, estimated $265,000

• L0725 — 225th Avenue, Zumbrota, estimated $195,000

• L0736 — 460th Street, Cherry Grove, estimated $160,000

Priorities for 2021 include:

• 25502 — County Road 45, est. $550,000

• L5948 — 110th Avenue, Cherry Grove, estimated $255,000

• L8937 — 20th Avenue, Holden, estimated $150,000

• L2510 — 511th Street, Pine Island, estimated $445,000

Priorities for 2022 include:

• L0546 — CR 57, estimated $650,000

• L0618 — 325th Street, Featherstone, estimated $215,000

• L0624 — 90th Avenue, Wanamingo, estimated $215,000

• L0701 — 400th Avenue, Zumbrota, estimated $250,000