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Kelly bids farewell at close of session

State Rep. Tim Kelly delivered his departing speech this week at the close of the legislative session. The Red Wing lawmaker announced in February he will not be running for re-election in the fall for the House District 21A seat.

"If we listen long enough to each other, that's how we learn," he told colleagues, thanking them for sharing their thoughts and viewpoints. "I can absolutely say that I've grown immensely over these eight years."

A video of Kelly's speech can be viewed below (Kelly begins at 24:48):

He told a story about attending a recent confirmation Mass and noticing how quiet the cathedral was despite it being filled with hundreds of people. "And just because people understand the reverence that they have and how they act in a place like that."

Kelly said the experience reminded him of his first days in the House, and learning to understand and respect the institution.

"You realize quickly people come and go ... yet the institution is here," he said. "You just have to sit back and not take yourself too serious."

Kelly also thanked staff for their time and assistance over the years.