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Timeline: Red Wing School District referendum

With the levy set to expire next year, the Red Wing School District is asking voters on Nov. 6 to consider a new referendum that will help the district grow and maintain their programming.

The district’s previous efforts to pass a referendum last November failed, forcing the school board to consider a new option.

On Nov. 6, residents will be given two questions to consider:

  • $1,200 per student for the first question;
  • An additional $450 per student, raising the total to $1,650 per student, for the second question.

If question one passes, the district will be able to maintain their class sizes and programming as much as possible. If both questions pass, the district will be able to maintain the same programming, but also establish more college readiness and STEAM courses.

If the district is unable to pass the referendum, $3.2 million in cuts will need to be made beginning next year, including the elimination of teaching positions, extra-curricular/sports program, closing of Tower View Alternative Learning Center and more.

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