Tenth kindergarten section added


Increased kindergarten enrollment numbers at Sunnyside Elementary School have moved the Red Wing School District to authorize a job posting for a 10th kindergarten teacher. Superintendent Karsten Anderson said 210 students are currently enrolled and additional students may sign up as the school year begins.

The increase in the number of kindergarten sections will affect specialist schedules, such as music, art and media.

Anderson said the district therefore will post for a half-time music teacher to be shared between Twin Bluff Middle School and Red Wing High School. When hired, the half-time music teacher would replace time that the Sunnyside specialist would have spent at the middle school and replace multiple overloads that had been planned.

"We were surprised by how many kindergartners signed up," Anderson said. "We continuously review enrollment numbers throughout the grades."

Anderson said it can be incredibly difficult to estimate the number of incoming kindergarten students each year, especially because there are significant increases or decreases from year to year.

Regardless of enrollment numbers shifting higher or lower, Anderson said the district has experienced both in the past.

Red Wing students will return to school in 12 days on Wednesday, Sept. 6, one day later than usual to accommodate districtwide summer construction.