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Social media post investigated, police presence increased at high school

Update (9 a.m. March 22, 2018): The school district is continuing to monitor the situation with Red Wing police, according to a message Wednesday night from Red Wing Public Schools Supt. Karsten Anderson. The district encourages the reporting of inappropriate messages to school district officials or the police.

"Threats of any kind are not acceptable, will be investigated, and will result in disciplinary consequences, including the possibility of expulsion from school," according to Anderson.

The distrcit responded to a concerning social media message Wednesday with a stronger police presence at the high school, indoor recess at other schools, a meeting with teachers and other communication efforts. Students who feel uneasy about returning to school are encouraged to visit the school office for support.


Classes at Red Wing High School proceeded as normal with an increased police presence Wednesday, March 21, after authorities investigated a concerning social media post overnight.

The school agreed with a police determination that there is no credible threat from the post, which told the recipient not to come to school and references a weapon, according to a news release Wednesday from Red Wing Public Schools Supt. Karsten Anderson.

High school students reported a thread posted on the social media platform Snapchat to police.

According to the statement from Anderson:

"The police department determined there is no credible threat, and I completely agree with the assessment. According to our typical protocols, we will have a stronger police presence in the building, but classes will be conducted as normally planned.

"Schools in the area and throughout the country have experienced similar issues. We will continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students."