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Red Wing man accused of assaulting woman, dog, police officers

Neiko Koehne intake photo - Feb. 8, 2018. Courtesy Goodhue County Sheriff's Office

Neiko John Koehne, 25, was brought in on multiple violent charges Feb. 8 including threats of violence, fourth-degree assault, interfering with a police officer and domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Koehne shoved a pregnant woman against a wall and kicked her dog across the room before leaving the premises with his juvenile son and driving while intoxicated to another location.

The woman reported that Koehne had been drinking at a bar with coworkers before he unexpectedly arrived at her house. She said he then consumed five beers within an hour before getting into the car with his day care-aged son, which prompted her call to the boy’s mother and also police out of concern for the boy.

Koehne resisted arrest at the second location and was reportedly extremely violent. Law enforcement said in the complaint that Koehne could not be brought down with physical blows to his midsection, brachial plexus or face. Tasers also had no effect and it required intervention from four officers to bring him in.

All of the officers involved in his arrest reported physical injuries and three later went to the hospital. Koehne was cleared by medics on-site. The pregnant woman, 32 weeks along, declined an ambulance and said she drove herself to the hospital where she was cleared by medical staff.