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Small aircraft has trouble; lands in grassy field

An airplane landed off the runway at the New Richmond Regional Airport around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 7. There were no injuries

A small airplane taking off from New Richmond Regional Airport on Wednesday afternoon developed engine problems and eventually landed in a grassy field next to the runway.

Local pilot Bob Perkins, Somerset, was taking off when the trouble occurred. Instead of landing on the runway, he apparently decided to land quickly nearby. The plane ended up about 100 feet from the main runway of the airport.

"It was a pretty minor incident," said Airport Manager Mike Demulling.

In fact, he said, it probably won't be a reportable incident in terms of Federal Aviation Administration requirements. There were no injuries and there was only slight damage reported to the airplanes nose gear.

Demulling said the incident had no impact on airport operations during the afternoon, due to the location of the airplane and the minor nature of the situation.

New Richmond police responded to the incident and took a few pictures.

For more photos and information, see next week's New Richmond News.