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Marshals check up on Pierce County sex offenders

Two people were found to be out of compliance during a check last month of registered sex offenders living in Pierce County.

The U.S. Marshals Service said in an Aug. 30 news release the two people "were found to be noncompliant and those two were quickly brought back into compliance." Marshals, assisted by Pierce County Sheriff's deputies, checked the addresses of 40 registered sex offenders on Aug. 9.

The news release states a specialist with the sex offender registry program "will investigate and make recommendations to the district attorney as necessary."

That's unlikely, however, said U.S. Marshal Dallas Neville. He said Friday, Sept. 1, that the two out of compliance in Pierce County simply weren't at the addresses on file. Marshals later learned from the Department of Corrections that the addresses had been updated in the interim.

Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove said nothing prompted the compliance checks. The marshals service launched the offender-check initiative in partnership with the correction department's sex offender registration program, which monitors all 24,187 Wisconsin sex offenders.

A database of offenders is available at Wisconsin Department of Corrections website