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Aerie: Hoping to ride a rousing road to state

Red Wing High School students pound the glass to cheer on the boys in section hockey action Thursday, Feb. 23. (Republican Eagle photo)

Aerie is produced by and for Red Wing High School students. The content is the sole responsibility of the students.

Red Wing boys' hockey is thirsty for a trip to the Xcel Energy Center this winter. With one game standing between the Wingers and the state tournament, the boys will come out with a fight March 1 as they play Northfield in the Section 1A championship at the Rochester Recreation Center at 7 p.m.

The boys played Albert Lea at home in their first section game. The Red Wing High School student section started to get discouraged at the end of the second period when the score was 2-5 Albert Lea. With 1:30 left on the clock at the end of the third, Red Wing had tied it up and the fans went berserk. The team had made a three-goal comeback in a matter of minutes.

When the first overtime finished and the score was still 5-5, shoulders were tense but the students had high hopes. At 6:16 in overtime, the game was over, 6-5 Red Wing.

The team piled up against the student section glass as they all celebrated with loud screams and cheers of excitement.

Going into the game against Lourdes, the fans were ready for another victory as were the players.The stands were packed with parents, community members and, of course, students, all there to show their support for the Red Wing boys' hockey team.

Despite being outshot by double, Red Wing kept the score close the entire night. The Red Wing student section, decked out in all white, chanted "Let's go Red Wing" and "Here we go Red Wing" with such spirit and excitement, the Lourdes student section couldn't compare. This created a tension between the schools that carried throughout the night.

Before the overtime clock started, the Lourdes students chanted "I believe that we will win," but once again, Red Wing took the win in overtime.

The fans couldn't have been louder. The students piled on the glass and the fans cheered like never before. The boys had gotten their ticket to the section finals.