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Goodhue County Board briefs

Board approves new radio tower

Goodhue County Board approved an additional radio tower for the public system Tuesday.

Red Wing Fire and Police departments, with the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office, have been testing the radio system since the beginning of this year and have found some areas with weak or nonexistent signals, Chief Deputy Lyle Lorenson said. Most of the areas with deficiencies were in downtown Red Wing and in the lower levels of buildings.

The additional radio unit will be installed on the Sand Hill water tower. The location, which is owned by the city of Red Wing, already has cell phone unit on it and will offer height advantages from both the hill and the tower, according to the county's radio consultant Jeff Nelson.

The new tower is expected to cost about $746,000, but after money from grants and other reimbursements is applied, the amount coming from the radio fund will be roughly $170,000, Lorenson said. Red Wing likely will not charge for the use of the site, Nelson said.

Even with the new tower, the radio project is expected to finish with a surplus of between $270,000 and $290,000, Lorenson said.

Meeting watch

Tuesday's Goodhue County Board meeting lasted just under one hour. All commissioners were present.

-- Compiled by Danielle Nordine, staff writer