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Ward 1 and 2 Q+A, Hove

Name: Dean Hove

Age: 50

Residence: 4149 Hwy 61, Red Wing

Family: Married to Teresa for 29 years, 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren.

Public involvement: (Red Wing City Council, National Guard, American Legion, Mississippi Illumination.

Education: Red Wing Schools - Securities Training

Work: Owner, Hove Metals in Red Wing.

Do you have a "pet" issue or biggest concern that is driving you to run for City Council?

I want to ensure that cost cutting is based on input from residents and protect public safety from the budget ax. I came into office planning to keep taxes low, spending reasonable and truly listen. The average levy increase has been just 1.5 percent during my tenure. New growth makes the actual tax rate even lower.

Spending has decreased as local government has become more efficient. I actively pursue the opinions of the people affected by my decisions in order to include all views in the solution. People can fight City Hall -- and win! Just call me.

Economic development has been a hot topic in Red Wing of late. Is there a specific idea or proposal you have that could better the city's economic development outlook?

Local government must be a willing partner with companies looking to start-up or relocate in Red Wing, as well as paying attention to the needs of current employers. A number of new companies have started here recently and some established firms have expanded. Government has helped facilitate economic development by keeping taxes low, spending in line with revenues, and public safety strong.

Our future prosperity depends on continuing to be a secure, stable community, which offers high quality educational opportunities along with leaders who work to cultivate a business-friendly atmosphere that welcomes investment and limits bureaucracy.

The city faces a budget crunch that is expected to continue for a number of years. Give us an overview of how you'd like to see Red Wing go forward given the city's purse is pinched.

The last thing we should do is raise taxes. The purses of Red Wing families are pinched even more than the city's. We need to continue to look to new technology to improve efficiency and to the people for input regarding what to keep and where to cut.

Red Wing's economy is improving. New jobs and business investment in 2010 bode well for our future. I will continue to keep taxes low and spend within our means. When new business growth refills the city's coffers, we can consider which budget items the citizens want to restore.

What are some personal qualities that make you an effective leader?

Residents tell me I listen and get things done. The most rewarding part of public service is helping people with individual problems. Persistence, combined with the efforts of many talented individuals, won the battle to keep our riverfront pristine.

It's important to me that my votes on the City Council reflect the wishes, values and vision of our citizens. I know how deeply the people of Red Wing care about leaving our children and grandchildren the same safe, beautiful and peaceful community we grew up in -- with economic opportunities that will allow our young people to stay here.

What's a decision the council has made in past year that you disagree with? Why? What would you have done differently?

The City Council voted against a $1.5 million project on Main Street that will improve the look of the area, create new jobs, draw customers to other businesses and immediately add to the tax base. I support the project, which had been approved in the past, but halted by the recession. I want to work with the developer to bring his building into compliance with recent changes to design standards without making him start over.

We should be assisting investors with flexible options. The project has now been sent back to the Planning Commission to work out the details.