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Stepping up their game: Local group helps nonprofits

SteppsUp, a local organization looking to help area nonprofits, is hosting several free seminars to help service organizations better their management practices.

In addition to hosting the free seminars, SteppsUp recently distributed $45,000 in federal grant money to 10 area nonprofits. The money is not connected with the federal stimulus bill.

The grant also funds the free seminars. Topics will include: how service organizations can better their bookkeeping practices, long-term planning and fundraising strategies.

"Anybody in the community can come to the leadership conferences," SteppsUp Director Barb Haley said. "Especially in these tough economic times what nonprofit can spend money on their own professional development?"

Faith in Action was one local nonprofits that received grant money from SteppsUp. The money allowed Faith in Action to purchase new software that helps the organization track donors, said Director Lee Neste.

Neste said his organization had to scale back its budget because of the rough economy, so the grant was especially timely.

Haley said the underlying purpose behind the grants and the seminars is to help nonprofits better their management models so they can be more effective.