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Vonch enters guilty plea for role in murder

The last suspect connected to the murder of Luis Orlando Galicia Mijangos is expected to serve jail time for her role.

Janae Vonch, 21, entered a guilty plea Friday to aiding an offender, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Goodhue County Attorney Stephen Betcher said a plea agreement reached between the Red Wing woman and his office calls for six months in Goodhue County jail, five years on probation and a hand in paying restitution costs.

According to witness testimony, Vonch drove another woman, Erika Sanchez, to St. Paul, where Sanchez threw a handgun down a sewer. Prosecutors said Marvin Todd Griffith used the gun in the Jan. 20 shooting death of Mijangos. Vonch will be sentenced Feb. 13.