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Poached 10-pointer grabbed by WI DNR; charges pending

Warden Brad Peterson released this photo of the 10-point whitetail shot Saturday. He holds the rifle allegedly used to kill it.

MAIDEN ROCK -- One Pierce County hunter will go afield Saturday with more than the usual anxiety that accompanies the state's gun deer opener.

Late Saturday, DNR warden Brad Peterson confiscated a 10-point buck from an individual -- whom he declined to identify -- after receiving a tip that a big whitetail had been shot from a roadway with a rifle on Saturday morning.

The incident allegedly occurred off CTH A south of 420th Street in the town of Salem or Maiden Rock.

Peterson wouldn't elaborate on many details but said the buck is in the "160-inch" class with 12- to 14-inch long tines. He's not measured it but estimated an inside antler spread of 22- to 25 inches. No attempt was made to register the deer, he said.

The deer, along with the individual's rifle, is in DNR possession. The trophy may eventually hang alongside others on the "wall of shame" in the DNR's Baldwin office.

Meanwhile the alleged shooter remains free -- and free to hunt on Saturday -- pending the filing of likely criminal charges by Pierce County District Attorney John O'Boyle. Peterson said that could take a week or several months, depending on case loads.

O'Boyle hadn't yet seen the case Tuesday afternoon so he wouldn't speculate on when the alleged perpetrator's name would become public.