Editorial: Continue to keep Faith in Action


Faith in Action enriches my life.

Faith in Action kept my dad living independently.

Faith in Action gives me hope.

Faith in Action saved my life.

Talk to anyone involved in the local ecumenical help organization - volunteers, recipients, family members and friends -- and you'll hear what a difference Faith in Action makes in people's lives.

Director Lee Neste helped launch the group 10 years ago with a three-year Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant. Local dollars and lots and lots of caring hands have kept the faith for Faith in Action. Red Wing is better off because of it.

The program relies on neighbors helping neighbors, as Friday's front page story explained. The volunteers drive people to appointments, pick up groceries or prescriptions, do yard work, replace a light bulb and do a host of other activities that most of us take for granted.

Faith in Action's everyday assistance, however, has dramatic results. Seniors get the care they need. People providing round-the-clock care for loved ones get the occasional break and moral support they need to keep going.

And the volunteers doing the giving will be quick to tell you that they receive much more back than they ever give.

Faith in Action celebrates its anniversary this month. We think think this is a fitting time to urge Red Wing residents to keep the faith, and that includes supporting Faith in Action.