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Class carves fruity, festive displays

Instructor Kathy Goodman demonstrates how she uses her finger to guide the small carving tool to form the delicate petals of the centerpiece’s flowers. (Republican Eagle photos by Amanda Greenwood)1 / 3
Plans for the watermelon carvings are laid out.2 / 3
Karen Thorie (center) and Sharon Eggenberger (right) get a first-hand look at the initial carving techniques during Community Education’s Watermelon Art Centerpiece class taught by Kathy Goodman (left). 3 / 3

Attendees of Thursday night’s Watermelon Art Centerpiece class creatively and carefully carved lifelike flowers from 6 to 9 p.m. at Red Wing High School for their Easter centerpieces.

Friends since they were 16 years old, Sharon Eggenberger and Karen Thorie said that they were excited to be “crafty in the kitchen” and use their hand-carved centerpieces during their Easter weekend hosting.

Halved watermelons were used for each centerpiece, cut side down. After the outer green skin was removed with a knife, a circle cut was made into the fleshy part with a small round measuring cup. This created the base of the first flower. Using vegetable carving tools, which instructor Kathy Goodman said are available online, each carver used small angled cuts to carve out the petals of the flower. This careful process was repeated for each of the centerpieces flowers. Reserved green skin was then used to create decorative leaves.

The class was offered as part of Red Wing Community Education and Recreation’s spring lineup.

Goodman noted that she enjoys teaching smaller classes for intricate projects, such as the watermelon carving, in order to offer detailed demonstrations and personalized instructions. She also has taught pumpkin carving for the past three years as a Community Education and Recreation class and wanted to offer something festive for Easter, graduation open houses, bridal showers and many other upcoming warm-weather events.