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Four Good Reasons to Elect Stephanie Elsen to the Red Wing City Council

Spend a few minutes with Red Wing City Council candidate Stephanie Elsen talking issues health care, education, downtown development, affordable housing whatevers on your mind, and youll notice at least four big things.

First, Stephanies a smart, respectful, curious listener who really cares what people think and asks good questions. Its obvious the Council could use a lot more of that.

Second, Stephanie knows Red Wing. Years of local volunteer work and civic involvement will help ensure she hits the ground running on Day One.

Third, Stephanie is really passionate about moving Red Wing forward and including everyone not just the folks who make the most noise.

And fourth, Stephanie is tough, determined, and committed to represent the voters, so unelected staff at City Hall answer to the Council not the other way around.

Please join the campaign to move Red Wing forward, and vote Stephanie Elsen for City Council on Tuesday, November 6th.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.