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Dean Hove: Building a Bright Future and Earning the Chance to Serve

Red Wing is a great city, rich in history and united by shared values. It has been my privilege to serve the citizens of Wards 1 & 2 on our City Council. The partnership we began in 2003 has produced amazing results. Together, we created a cooperative environment where everybody matters, and a government based on citizen choice.

We envisioned a better city to raise a family, build a business, and enjoy retirement, and then we worked together to make it happen. We cut taxes and enhanced public safety. We saved our historic buildings, preserved our natural resources, and made our families more secure and prosperous. Your constant contact has been the key to our success.

Fifteen years of wise planning and careful spending has put more money in our residents pockets. Homeowners were levied nearly $750,000.00 less in 2018 than the year before I took office. If we stay on our current financial path, the city we will leave to the next generation will have a solid infrastructure and financial stability - and not a penny of debt.

Our strong economy has created the need for more housing. We are aggressively seeking public/private partnerships with local builders. The first 250 new homes have been approved.

Over the years serving you, I hope I have earned your trust, your friendship, and your vote.

I never forget that decisions made at City Hall have a real impact on peoples ability to buy a house, raise a family, or stay in a cherished lifelong home.

My campaign is focused firmly on building a bright future for Red Wing and earning the chance to serve. I will keep your taxes low, spend your money wisely, keep the health and safety of our families my top priority and I will keep on listening!

I need your vote once again on Tuesday, November 6th to continue our successful partnership.

Please stay in touch by phone: 651-388-1072 or email: You can find me on Facebook: @redwingfordeanhove and Twitter: @deanhove or

The most rewarding part of public service is solving individual problems. You can fight City Hall, and win just call me!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.