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Vote Arlen Diercks for School Board

Four years ago I asked the voters in our community to vote for me to serve on our school board. I am very humbled with the support I have received. It is an honor and privilege to be responsible for our community's most valuable asset (our children).

I feel I have made a difference these past 4 years. There is a lot more I want to accomplish.

I am very excited about our school district's new education plan. It will have career pathways which will include mentoring and apprenticeships for those that do not intend to go to college. I would like to be a part of implementing the career pathways.

I want to continue working on improving communication with the public.

I want to continue working on long range financial planning. It is my goal to have our school district in a strong financial position when I leave the school board.

I would appreciate it if you would vote for me again this year and please vote Yes and Yes on the operating referendum.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.