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Show Students We Belive in Them

Currently, students at RWHS have the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses while in high school, from the core courses to electives like Visual Arts, Band, Choir, Agriculture, Business, FACS, Foreign Languages and Industrial Technology. This wide variety of courses allows our students to find and develop their passions as well as plan a course of action to use those in a future career.

On November 6th the Red Wing community will have the powerful opportunity to vote on the future of our schools for our children. A failed referendum would mean major cuts to teachers, courses and budgets in ALL elective areas at TBMS and RWHS. A Yes and Yes vote would mean these areas would be expanded to increase STEAM initiatives and increase college and career connections. Our students need a variety of courses to expand their educational experiences, to give them ways to express themselves and to explore future careers.

Vote Yes and Yes on November 6th to show our students that we believe in them!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.