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Vote Yes, Yes

The opportunity to invest in the future workforce of the Red Wing area is now. As an educator originally from the Red Wing area (Lake City Class of 2009) I can not stress enough the importance of this referendum not JUST for the school district, students, and current staff but for the future implications on the community as a whole.

I teach at Alexandria Public Schools, a district that works very hard with the community to create educational experiences and opportunities for future employment AND college preparation. Our High School is divided into 3 Academies that align students' interests with a career path or college track. Specifically, I teach Construction Trades in the Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies, and Natural Resources Academy. Last year, through a partnership with a local manufacturing company 2 students built an assembly rig to solve a safety hazard in their production line. In return, these 2 students signed an agreement with that company that paid for 4 years of engineering tuition at NDSU, internships during the summers, and guaranteed an engineering career when they graduate. All made possible because of a community that chose to support education on the understanding of a different type of return on investment. This is just one example. I'd be happy to share more.

If you are planning to vote no this November, take a look around your workplace, former employer, businesses that support you, or services you rely on and look for the students. Look for the people that graduated from RWHS and how they contribute to your community. You might not have students of your own, but if you expect quality, respectful, educated, and trained people to continue to come from a school you don't support then I think you need to re-evaluate your belief in what it means to be a part of your community.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.