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Vote Tift for School Board

When we head to the polls on November 6, 2018 we will be asked to consider many things. This years ballot (and they always say this) is perhaps the most important ballot of our time. Aside from the political fights that endure, please pay particular attention to the election of our next batch of Red Wing School Board representatives. I believe electing School Board representatives is an extremely important responsibility and one that requires a short lesson. Therefore, let me take you to school for a moment and help you understand why a vote for Jennifer Tift for Red Wing School Board will be a move you can be proud of.

Jennifer Tift grew up here and is a vested member of our community. She has immersed herself into the on goings of our public school system by investing valuable time as a substitute teacher, Girls-on-the-Run coach, and most recently co-chair of the "Vote YES-YES" committee. Her dedication to the YES-YES initiative illustrates her support of stronger, truly unique and meaningful programming for our children. In fact, her primary reason for running is to make sure the Districts latest strategic plan is executed well and carries through its potential.

Jennifer is driven, goal-orientated, organized, and hard-working. As an added bonus, she is also an incredibly approachable person who cares deeply about her family and her fellow Wingers. She is receptive to new ideas, cautious when the situation requires her to be, and level-headed in dealing with obstacles that pop up on a regular basis.

Jennifer Tift is a vested, trusted, well-rounded member of our community. Help make our community stronger by casting your vote for Jennifer Tift on November 6.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.