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Anderson Center supports referendum and Tower View ALC

The Anderson Center is committed to the continued excellence of the Tower View Alternative Learning Center. This entire program is on the list of proposed cuts, and the Red Wing community cannot afford to lose it. Please vote YES / YES in November.

In my time at the Anderson Center, Ive seen first-hand the success of Tower View. Students who never thought they would graduate from high school find stability and caring adults, enabling them to earn their diplomas and to prepare for future success.

Many of these students are at greatest risk of dropping out, yet only 8% did so in 2015 (the last year for which full data is available). This is the lowest drop-out rate in the Big 9 conference. That same year, TVALC got 30% of students back on track to graduate in four years and graduated 80% of students within seven years. In recent years, a full 15% of graduates from the Red Wing School District have come through Tower View Alternative Learning Center. These numbers make Tower View ALC one of the top performing alternative programs in the state of Minnesota.

Both the data and the students themselves suggest that a majority of Tower View students will drop out if this program is eliminated. This would lead to both further loss of revenue to the district and, over time, to a significant increase in the local population without a high school diploma.

This is both a financial and a moral question for us as a community: Will we invest in a school district in which ALL of our students can succeed? The Tower View Alternative Learning Center is an outstanding program, and we cannot afford to lose it.

- Stephanie Rogers, Director of the Anderson Center

On behalf of the Anderson Center Board of Directors

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.