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Vote for Opportunity for our students

When I moved to Red Wing from the Cities 3 years ago I had no idea just how much I would love this community. It has everything The River, the Arts, Great food and entertainment in one of the finest theatres you can find. Most of all, Red Wing has people who enjoy those things and each other. I want Red Wing to stay this wonderful for years to come so that others can enjoy it. The upcoming school referendum must pass if we are to continue to enjoy such a wonderful community.

My daughter is grown, so I dont have children in this school district. However, having fought for a similar referendum in Lakeville, MN I know how critical a school system is to the health of a community. A system includes the capabilities for students to add to their curriculum outside of the basic education every student must go through. This enables the students to explore everything that interests them, while they learn the basics that everybody needs to know.

Without strong schools, much of what this community has accomplished will be lost. As a national award-winning performer, I have a special concern for the potential loss of the fine arts in the schools if the referendum fails. The arts are a critical element in how a person learns, sees the world, and relates to others: reference

Not just the Fine Arts but this also includes Industrial Arts, Mechanical Arts, 2nd Languages, and Home Engineering or Economics. Students need to educate their right brain as well as their left to add the critical element of Creativity to their lives. The Lakeville

School board unwisely supported elimination of arts opportunities to fund administrative goals.

My vote as for opportunity for our students - at a small cost to me.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.