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Strong Schools for Strong Communities

In November, an important subject will be on your ballots on election day: Im writing to ask you to vote yes and yes on the school referendum. These yeses will allow for the Red Wing Public Schools to not only maintain its current staffing, co-curriculars, ALC, resource officers, and keep the libraries and art programs vibrant, but also raise the bar in excellence in educational pursuit.

I have two children in the district, and I have nothing but gratitude for the services these schools have provided them. My children are children of an educator, grandchildren of four educators, great-grandchildren of several educators too: they come from a long line of education as the family business, and thus, my expectations as a mother of what they not only will receive but deserve as students is high. I have not been disappointed.

As a high school teacher, my sense of what my own students ought to receive and what they deserve is also high. It is a honor and a pleasure to work in this profession, and I feel nothing but gratitude when I look to the coming school year. My colleagues are generous and impressive in their knowledge, and they care deeply for their students, who are Red Wings future teachers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, paraprofessionals, electricians, graphic designers, artists, police force, chefs, and so many other critical professions in our area. Even without children, every person in this town benefits from the robust and compassionate education of our youth.

Strong schools are a gift from the strong communities in which they reside. Thank you in advance for supporting ours.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.