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Stone; Ward 4

The most common comment I receive is, "Why would you want to get involved with that mess?" I had no simple answer until last night. I was invited to attend a National Night Out event in Ward 4. Offered as an opportunity to meet people and get my message out, it turned out to be quite to the contrary. It was a perfectly planned picnic opened with prayer. The setting gave no propriety to preach politics so none was. It was rather an opportunity to meet up with friends, folks that knew my other friends and people I work with too. Living in a community for almost 20 years, I should have expected such an encounter. So rather than knocking on doors explaining why Im running, I was reminded of the real reason Im running, the people. Its about the people and their values. My drive to run as your councilmen in Ward 4 has never been greater than today. My focus will remain on accountability, transparency and being frugal. Simply put, to do the right thing. Please take the time to vote Tuesday and if you live in Ward 4, I would be honored if you vote for me, Ernest W. Stone.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.