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Your Primary Vote will Determine Red Wing's Future

Wards 1 and 2 City Council candidate George Hintz's letter (RE 08-08) illustrates that he doesn't understand the city's financial situation. Hintz's assertions about taxes and spending are misinformed.

As a former member of the Red Wing City Council, I was involved in the long-term financial planning that has brought about our current financial success. Very small tax rate increases were implemented to increase revenue from Xcel and improve the percent of overall taxes Xcel covers for citizens. This works because Xcel has increased value and pays a higher rate. Over time, this strategy has brought down taxes for homeowners by about 15%, adjusted for inflation. Homeowners were in fact levied nearly three quarters of a million dollars LESS in 2018 than 15 years ago. Check the county website for what you paid in 2009 (the farthest back you can check online) vs. today.

I noticed that Hintz seemed to be in favor of the new public safety building in his RE candidate answers, but now complains about the costs. It will be paid almost entirely with new revenue from Xcel.

Each election year, there are candidates with hidden agendas. I am afraid that Hintz, and those running with him, would abandon our current strategy and lead us into debt, budget shortfalls, service cuts, and force higher taxes. The lesson of Goodhue County's financial situation is still fresh: A new sales tax increase because the debt ceiling had been reached.

Your vote in the Primary Election will determine Red Wing's future. Dean Hove has been the City Council leader for low taxes and careful spending. All the budget meetings are available for anyone to stream online. Dean Hove is always looking to save taxpayers money. I have known Dean Hove a long time. He is a genuinely good man who works tirelessly for residents.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.