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Dean Hove, our safest choice

I encourage Wards 1 & 2 voters to re-read the Republican Eagle candidate answers before making your choice in the August 14th Primary. The differences are clear.

1. On Conflict Resolution: George Hintz wants to "restore decorum." He doesnt realize good behavior was restored once the temperamental council member resigned. Stephanie Elsen will "listen." Neither has a solution. Dean Hove offers a plan to avoid future conflicts.

2. On Public Safety: Elsen and Hintz give vague answers, but Hove gets specific, telling us what he has done, how he found creative ways to pay for it, and that he plans more protection in the future.

3. On Painting Barn Bluff: Hintz says, "this has taken too much time." The alternative he offers tells me Hintz has a bias for one choice over the other. I can only imagine how a judgmental and opinionated council member would be received by residents who have grown used to having their views be the basis of decisions. Elsen got informed "on Facebook and the news." Hove talked to residents in person and said, "my goal is to always reflect the wishes of our residents." Once again, Hove offered a solution by reminding us of Initiative and Referendum.

4. On Unique qualifications: Elsen says she is a "listener." Hintz says he will listen too, but that doesnt make them different from the incumbent. Hove said, "In January, there will be at least 3 new council members, who will join 3 others who have served only 2 years. I bring 16 years of experience gained by listening, learning, solving problems, and working with citizens to create public policy that reflects our common values of fairness, respect, and responsibility."

In each answer, Hintz and Elsen avoid saying what they will do if elected. Candidates who won't offer specifics often have hidden agendas, especially those who go out of their way to say they dont. In stark contrast, Hove always says what he will do, and he has proven that he does what he says.

Concealed intentions are abundant this year. Our choices include candidates from a group with a plan to get 4 members elected and force an extreme agenda.

Dean Hove is clearly the most qualified, and with all the unsettling change coming to our City Council, he is also the safest choice.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.