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Vote for a Fresh Voice, Vote for Becky Norton Aug. 14

Hello. Im Becky Norton, and Im running for City Council for Ward 3. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, August 14th.

The most refreshing part of running for City Council has been engaging with my neighbors in Ward 3. Its clear that the people of Red Wing really value and feel as passionately about this city as I do. I have listened and learned so much from each person, adding insight into my knowledge and driving me to dig deeper into the citys history and operations.

I have attended city council meetings, budget workshops, met with city staff and council members, researched, and listened to a broad array of voices during this time. Its like studying for my Masters degree or preparing to teach in my classroomboth things I thoroughly enjoy. It never feels like work; I enjoy taking my previous experiences and knowledge and building new knowledge on top of it.

Many neighbors have given me ideas and tips about potential cost savings or other items on their mind to keep in my pocket, so to speak, and I look forward to referring to them in the future. I will continue to listen and look for every opportunity to make our city more efficient and sustainable.

I know I have an aptitude for creative thinking and building relationships so we can all work together. We need to be fiscally responsible and forward thinking to support Red Wings unique history, natural beauty, and citizens. We have so much to build on for today and for a strong future. I will put my skills to work for you to do just that.

Representing you is about listening, learning and working together. I know I can be the voice you trust to represent you well. Please vote for Becky Norton on Tuesday, August 14.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.