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Dean Hove for Fiscal Responsibility

The Wards 1 and 2 candidate's financial reports provide insight into their fiscal responsibility. Dean Hoves two Primary Election opponents submitted reports that look irresponsible.

One raised $400.00 from 3 donors, spent over a thousand dollars and still listed the original $400.00 as cash on hand. It seems like either financial magic or ineptitude.

The other listed $1890.00, but not where it came from. He spent twice as much on lawn signs and nearly twice as much on his campaign literature as his opponent and has just $250.00 left. This is from the candidate wanting to control spending.

Dean Hoves report is neat and professional. He raised $1529.00, listed his donors and expenses properly, and still has over half the money left.

Hoves opponents have expensive, full color brochures telling us all about themselves. The "financial magic" candidate lists: "Experienced Budget Management." The one who spent twice as much on his campaign materials states he wants: "budget cut spending." These are taken verbatim from their literature.

Dean Hoves literature has black and white photos, and tells us what Hove accomplished together with citizens, then says what he will DO: "Lower taxes, smaller government, strong public safety and I will continue to truly listen!" Again, taken directly from his literature. Hove still has plenty of room to offer me his business card at the bottom and important city numbers on the back.

My question is: Which of these candidates do you want making decisions about your tax dollars? Watch the August 2nd budget meeting online. You will see why I am supporting Dean Hove.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.