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Stephanie Elsen Will Be Advocate for Constituents

I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie Elsen for several years. Its not until you work with someone year after year that you gain important insights about that person. These are some of my observations.

Steph is resourceful as she always looks at all viable solutions to a given problem. Steph is financially adept and fiscally responsible. She understands budget restraints and works diligently to produce solutions within a budget. I was continuously impressed with how Steph kept her eye on the goal. She is truly a results oriented individual. With Stephs marketing experience, shes comfortable testing new strategies, taking responsibility and being accountable for her decisions.

I believe Stephanie Elsen will be a strong contributor and leader in the city council. Shes a person who cares about our city and will be an effective advocate for her constituents.

Jeff Marcus

Charter Commission Member

Airport Board Member

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.