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Keep the Good Times Going with Dean Hove

When I first endorsed Dean Hove, he was a young man full of promise. His service on our City Council has fulfilled that promise beyond my expectations. Someone recently said, "We are living in Red Wings Golden Age." I agree.

There has never been so much positive change. The openness of local government has won Red Wing an award for transparency the past nine years in a row. New enhancements throughout the city reflect leadership that genuinely cares about the quality of our lives. Our economy is thriving, and when we call Dean Hove, he listens, and we get results.

As the wife of a council member, I witnessed the daily effort and ongoing dedication required of my husband, Kenny, to be an effective representative of the people. Recent events have illuminated something I already knew: City Council is a tough job which requires a special talent and the ability to persevere.

Dean Hove has kept our taxes low and spent our money wisely. He made us all safer, and Dean has stuck with us, even when it was hard. Please join me in voting to keep the good times going with Dean Hove.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.