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A Sad Truth, A Warning, and A Bright Hope

I want to thank Dean Hove for his informative letter (RE 8-1) about low taxes and wise spending in Red Wing. I remember way back when we were first being "sold" on the idea of living with a nuclear power plant. We were told that if we accepted the risks, there would be huge financial compensation. The risks have not gone away, why should the compensation? Red Wings financial strategy has made us all better off.

The sad truth: Goodhue County government failed the taxpayers. The county could have approved small levy increases to build up the percentage Xcel pays. Instead, they quietly put us all into debt for $24 Million, including interest as high as 12%.

Now, Goodhue County has reached its own debt limit. Former commissioners "maxed out the credit card." The County Board was forced to add a half cent sales tax to everything we buy to pay for the short-sighted folly of the past. Since Xcel only pays 26% of county taxes, a lot more of those debts will be paid from the paychecks of our grandchildren. It makes me wonder whose side our county commissioners were on, ours or Xcels?

The Warning: I am very concerned that there is a group with a highly partisan agenda intent on taking over our city government by stealth. They seem to have multiple candidates in nearly every race. Our best ally is information. Scrutinize your candidates closely, and be especially skeptical of social media.

The Bright Hope: Dean Hove is willing to continue to improve our lives as our voice on the City Council. We need his long-term vision and financial expertise. Dean Hove also has a track record of siding with citizens. We all deserve another four years of honest, intelligent, independent representation.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.