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LETTER: Haley will get down to business


A business is only as successful as the people behind it. Minnesota businesses are no exception — our people are hardworking and our ideas are bold. From manufacturing to technology, from boots to safety harnesses to new web apps, our area benefits from a diverse economic community.

Our local industries are critical to maintaining our way of life in the long term and it is our job to ensure we have the workforce to support them.

Barb Haley has experience in workforce issues. Barb led the charge to ensure our kids are prepared for careers. Now she is running for the Minnesota House to bring her background to the state.

When students in Barb's son's class wanted a robotics team, she gathered resources and started the Red Wing High School team. She went one step further and took team members to tour local manufacturing plants that use automation and launched a program to connect local manufacturing companies with schools.

Barb is an independent leader and she won't sit on the sidelines when there are problems to solve.

Just like we need skilled workers in business, we need experienced leaders in the Legislature: we need Barb. She is a mom with strong business experience who will seek common sense solutions and ensure Minnesotans have the skills they need for good paying jobs.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, join us in voting for Barb Haley to be our next state representative.

Chris Shimek, Red Wing

Sharon McCord, Red Wing

Gary Schmidgall, Cannon Falls