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LETTER: Schmit puts his needs first


To the Editor: 

Matt Schmit asserts that he is a “public policy consultant” with his business P3 Strategies. Just what does a public policy consultant do? According to Schmit, one such activity of his business is to professionally consult with Minnesota cities and counties around broadband development.

During the same time that Schmit was operating his own public policy consulting firm, he was being paid by cities and counties developing community broadband deployment policy (see

The conflict of interest is evident as Schmit authored SF2447, appropriating our tax dollars for a broadband grant program. Schmit’s legislation provides $100 million of taxpayer money to Minnesota counties and cities engaged in paying for broadband development activities. Schmit the “public policy consultant” on broadband can now consume tax dollars that Schmit “the senator” appropriated through the bill he authored.

While Schmit lives high on the hog taxpayers bought for him, Minnesotans are struggling to pay for the skyrocketing health insurance premiums that have resulted since he voted to create MNSure. We elect senators to serve the people, not themselves.

Deb Roschen

Zumbro Falls, Minn.