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LETTER: Goggin understands need for change


To the Editor:

Mike Goggin is our recommendation for Minnesota District 21 senator. We have known Goggin and his family for many years and have nothing but the highest level of respect for each of them.  

The Goggin family is one that believes in honesty, hard work, respect, caring and kindness. It is sad, but in today’s world these basic beliefs in humanity are often lacking at the state level and they need to be brought back.

Case in point, when we asked Goggin why he was running for office, he said, “Because I want to see things change for the better, things need to change.” We believe that Goggin is a genuine leader who can help us make positive changes in areas such as health care, education and taxes. These changes are critical to a successful way of life for all residents in Minnesota, and they are long overdue. Goggin is the person who make our voices heard.

If you want a senator to take office who will listen to the needs of the people, and stand strong and fight for the things that are in our best interests, then Goggin is your man. He will truly represent our best interests of greater Minnesota at the state level, and he will put the public servant back into public service.

For these reasons, we will be voting for Mike Goggin for Minnesota District 21 in November and we encourage others to consider doing the same.

Jason & Jackie Jech

Red Wing