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LETTER: Roe will bring due diligence to Red Wing School Board

To the Editor:

When my family moved to the community three years ago, I was immediately impressed with the Red Wing School District. Beginning with the devotion of my children’s teachers, continuing with the intentionality of administrators and staff, and culminating with the community’s fervent support, my experience with the district has been nothing short of exceptional.

At the same time, I recognize the district faces challenges including a declining school-age population, ongoing capital concerns and an ever-widening span of educational needs.

To address these and other challenges, our district needs leaders who will engage our community through active listening and diligent service. Pam Roe is precisely this type of leader.

Pam has demonstrated her leadership in a host of ways including her tenure as president of United Lutheran Church. During a stressful time of transition, Pam demonstrated an ability to listen to various perspectives on difficult issues. Moreover, she consistently sought out voices of those who otherwise would have been ignored. In doing so, Pam was able to explain to all parties involved the implications our church council’s decisions would have on the congregation’s ministry and the larger community.

School boards need people capable of listening to the concerns — both to understand the implications of its actions and to draw people from the community into a supportive relationship with the school district.

Pam has a history of being this type of leader.

We all know that serving on a school board can be difficult work. The meetings, the educational workshops and the research needed to make an informed decision on a decisive topic can be both time-consuming and stressful. A good board member must therefore be diligent as well as decisive. Pam Roe embodies these characteristics.

For these reasons, I will be voting for Pam Roe for Red Wing School Board in November and I encourage others to consider doing the same.

Justin Boeding

Red Wing