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Young citizens use contest to express views

The Elks Grand Lodge Americanism Committee selected the theme “What I Can Do to Promote Americanism and Love of Country” for the 2015-2016 American essay contest open to students in grades 5-8.

Local winners were:

Hallie Roschen, Red Wing, grade 6, Twin Bluff Middle School, first place local lodge.

Makaila Solheid, Lake City, grade 6, BluffView Elementary, second local and second place at district.

Emily Dinsmore, Lake City, grade 6, BluffView, third place local lodge.

What I Can Do to Promote Americanism and Love of Country

Hallie Roschen

Red Wing

To me being an American is being an involved citizen, helping others, and being an informed citizen. If you live your life this way and lead by example, others may follow and you will be promoting Americanism.

I belong to two organizations that help me be an involved citizen. First, I’m in Girl Scouts. In our pledge we say we should serve our country and help others. One way we help others is by packing meals at Feed My Starving Children. Also, we write letters and donate Girl Scout cookies to the military. I am also in 4-H. Like in Girl Scouts, in 4-H we pledge our loyalty and service to our community and world. For example, we adopt a family and give them presents at Christmas.

Helping others is another way I promote Americanism by leading by example. One time in the school cafeteria, someone couldn’t find a place to sit, and so I invited her to sit with my friends and me. Now, she’s one of my friends. At church, I help others by volunteering to sing at nursing homes.

Finally, I promote Americanism by being an informed citizen and learning about history and current events. One year on a family vacation we went to Williamsburg, Virginia. We learned how our founding fathers had the courage to fight for our country and get it started. Learning about this history helps me understand current events. For example, we must have courage to unite as a country against terrorism.

In conclusion, I do all these things in the spirit of Americanism and hope others follow my example. By being an involved citizen, helping others, and being an informed citizen, I am promoting Americanism and love of country.

I Can Encourage people to Be Patriotic ...

Makaila Solheid

Lake City

Many people find it nice in the United States. The United States has many things that other countries either don’t have, not allowed to have or can’t afford to have. Sometimes people don’t realize or stop to think that our country has these things, like clean water, a clean environment, or enough food.

If people are patriotic, like celebrating holidays, wearing red, white, and blue, having a flag hung up in their yard, and are a good citizen and encourage more people to do these things, our country can be a safer, and nicer place.

People will finally realize how lucky we are to have a country that has many things that most other countries don’t have, and appreciate what our country has to offer.

It just takes one person to encourage one other person to be patriotic and enjoy these things that the other countries don’t have. If one person will keep encouraging another person, and that person encourages, our country will be more peaceful, knowing that we have these things.

... and Love Our Country

Emily Dinsmore

Lake City

America is a free country. You can participate in any religion you wish. You have the right to speak out if you want something to change. You may do practically anything you wish, as long as it won’t hurt anyone. In this way, Americans are very privileged. We can and show our pride to be an American in many ways:

1. You can be express your thanks to people who help keep America safe. These people include veterans, police officers, and firefighters.

2. You can make America a better place by showing kindness and helpfulness towards everyone. Even little things like holding a door for someone makes a difference.

3. Express and speak out about your pride to be an American, because in this way, you can get other people to show their pride in their own diverse ways.

In these ways and many more you can show your pride. So go out there and show your satisfaction to be an American!