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Letter: Markings take away from Barn Bluff’s beauty

Flags, Prince symbol, or class year.

This isn’t about what is painted on the bluff. It is about one individual — or possibly a group — deciding what should be painted on the bluff irrespective of the citizens of Red Wing.

The government was formed to allow citizens to petition the government, force votes, so as to get a consensuses of the wishes of the all the citizens, and all the citizens should be allowed to have their voice heard on what should be, or not be, painted on the bluff.

When I lived in Red Wing in the early 1970s, the bluff was always painted with the year of the graduating class.

Personally, I feel that any markings on bluff detracts greatly from the natural beauty and awe that that bluff presents as a gateway marker to Red Wing and to Minnesota.

Clayton Tallant

Spooner, Wis.